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DJ Equipment

In order to build the party atmosphere its essential for the party DJ to use Professional, high quality equipment and not a cheap mobile disco disco set up that is designed for home use. The reason for this is that great music played on a cheap DJ disco system will sound terrible and not encourage anyone to the dance floor. Each record contains thousands of different frequency and the DJs sound system will need to reproduce these as accurately as possible.

To draw a comparison its like hearing the soundtrack to a film at the cinema with a quality surround sound system and then playing the DVD of the same film on a portable TV. The portable TV's speaker system will not provide the right bass response or faithfully reproduce the top end. If you try to increase the volume to party level the midrange will also distort badly and the sound track will sound terrible.

As professional Party DJs music is the main thing and the way this is delivered to your ears can make or break a party. Many people have experienced very loud mobile disco with few people on the dance floor. The reason for this it is like turning up the volume on the portable TV and expecting it to sound just as good as it did in the cinema.

A good home HI-FI set up that make's great records sound great will cost many hundred pounds, a good mobile disco setup will cost many thousands. However it is possible to buy a mobile disco setup for less than the good home HI-Fi. This is because cheap DJ equipment is intended for practice and home use and not the rigors of a public performance or in a large venue. Professional mobile disco equipment will to be able to accurately reproduced the thousands of different frequencies of a record and at the appropriate volume.

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There is often a huge range in the prices charged by mobile discos and its obvious a DJ using cheap mobile disco equipment will be able charge less than a professional mobile disco, using high quality disco equipment.

The disco equipment we use changes all the time but Enfield mobile discos are currently using the highest spec ART speaker systems from RCF and for larger venues Turbo sound. This provides the capability to deliver crystal clear top end with a sublime sub bass frequency response. Our standard shows also include special effect lighting including DMX and Lazars.