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Enfield DJ Prices

Mobile Disco prices in Enfield range from extremely cheap to fantastically expensive. However there is also a huge range in the level of services provided by mobile discos in Enfield. There are three main reasons why different mobile disco will charge different hire rates, these are

1) A new mobile disco or DJ service will be trying to establish themselves and gain experience. They will often under cut the established mobile discos to get work, however most people will regret paying for an inexperienced DJ to get some on the job training.

2) Equipment used by the DJ will also effect the prices charged. A mobile disco using 20 year old cheap mobile disco equipment will not have the same overheads as a professional DJ and can afford to charge a lower amount for DJ hire. However the music will not sound anything like as good, and the equipment may not be PAT tested or break down. If the mobile disco equipment is not PAT checked then the DJ will also not have valid public liability insurance. An increasing number of party venues will check for this and do not allow the DJ to switch on.

3) The third reason is attitude some DJs approach a party as if its a night out and will bring several friends to your party. This type of DJ will often be recommended by a friend and charge beer money. Almost all of the last minute enquiry's we receive are because the this type of DJ has found something better to do and hasn't turned up. Often this type of DJ will not send written confirmation and will use a cheap mobile Disco set up.

At the other end of the spectrum some DJs Charge a very high rate in order to appear exclusive and in high demand. Whereas they only do a few jobs a year and have the its not worth getting out of bed for less than £.... attitude.

dance party image Although we are not the cheapest mobile disco in Enfield there are DJs in Enfield that will charge considerably more than us yet will not provide the same level of commitment to your special occasion. We have many genuine letters of recommendation which show we always deliver what we promise and that we offer a fantastic value for money. Unfortunately its very hard to give a set price for a mobile disco on this page as each party is unique and everyone has individual requirements that will effect the price. The best way to get the best price on mobile DJ hire in Enfield is to contact us for a great disco deal.