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Music DJs

For the average party the DJ can play no more than 80 - 100 tracks so its far more important to know what to not play as there will not be time for the DJ to play everything. The music we play will depend on you, the type of occasion and your guests. We always suggest you send us a short list of your party favourite so we can be sure to have these on the night. The best parties are spontaneous and work best when everyone is free to ask the DJ for a request. This helps to build a positive vibe and increases a sense of joining in the fun. For this reason preplanned 100% DJ playlists are a disaster and do not work, a list of about 10 - 25 records is perfect.

Our record collection includes music from before the 50's to the current charts and if you are having a theme night party we can play music from just one style or mix the latest chart music with the greatest floor fillers from the past.

We have a comprehensive selection of 60s music, all the dynamite 70s disco tracks, tons of 80s pop and stacks of 90s old skool classics. Importantly we read the crowd and know what works in parties today and what's best to leave out.

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We look at the type of party you are having and the and general age range of the audience. On the night people asking for requests is a great way to help build the party atmosphere because requested records may hold special memories for someone who can infect the rest of the audience with their enthusiasm. Often gran and granddad jiving to 50's rock'n'roll will start a chain reaction that brings everyone onto the dance floor.

On the other hand some record request's may not be appropriate and the DJ will need to use discretion. Some tracks contain subject matter or graphic lyrics which are unsuitable for some party events. A party DJ needs to understand the boundaries of what will work and what's acceptable for each occasion. For example a track with lots of swearing in it will defiantly not work at a wedding party. Even if some of the crowd really enjoyed the track there will be children present and their parents would soon get the hump. The older members of the audience would also perhaps not appreciate the language and a division may occur. Its also true that if it was an 18th birthday party with mostly an audience of the same age the DJ would be making a mistake if he was just playing it safe, not wishing to offend the one elderly relative sitting in the corner. At this type of party the DJ needs to establish credibility and play the latest chart and club selections. For more info on how to compile a DJ playlists click DJ Requests.

To select the right choice of tunes is far more tricky than many people realise and takes a DJ experienced in all kinds of disco parties to do it well. Contact us for a Mobile disco in Enfield and hire a professional party DJ playing your choice of tunes and music to create lots of dance floor action.